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Ben Millburn Lets Us See His ‘Sunglass Moustache’

“I Feel Something”, in some ways, sums up the lyrical material on Sunglass Moustache. Fatalism fills a lot of the songwriting of Ben Millburn, never in an overwrought fashion, but as pointed in its economy, speaking directly to listeners, as any of the album’s music. He produced the album with Grant Johnson and, unquestionably, the sound of Sunglass

Alexia Chambi Welcomes You to ‘Bolivia’

The great thing about live music, especially open mic nights, is coming across new up and coming talent. The music by Alexia Chambi was one of these discoveries. This London based Danish-Cypriot singer/songwriter is quickly developing a reputation for music that fuses soul, jazz and R&B with an acoustic sound. She has been creating music