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Echo Messenger Releases “Rocky Gibraltar”

Looking for an end-of-summer song to jam out to? Look no further than Echo Messenger’s newest single “Rocky Gibraltar.” Singer-songwriter James Bracken is the man behind Echo Messenger, a dark-folk/gauzy/lo-fi emerging project. Bracken is a former member of alternative string band Stagefright.  Through live gigs across southern MN, Stagefright gained popularity among the grassroots industry.

Blue Mallee New Single Is Ready To ‘GO!’

Blue Mallee has seen himself involved with various projects over the years, but now he has decided to go solo. His talents stood out the most during his time as frontman for Master Tiger Band. He stole the spotlight with his delicate voice on stunning songs such as “Tale of the Wolf, Whispered By The

Ranzel X Kendrick Lights Up With ‘Foreglow’

One of the best things for an artist to do is get out there and gain experiences. These experiences can be transformed into influences for your songwriting. Our friend Ranzel X Kendrick is a perfect example of this. Life is his muse. Life has been an adventure for Ranzel X Kendrick and he seems to