j and the 9s Electrifies With Their Latest EP, “The Terrible Twos”

J and The 9s

Don’t get too caught up in the glam and beauty that j and the 9s bring to you when you watch their videos or see them rocking the house down live! Beneath the glitter and brightly colored wigs beats the heart of a rocker with the resume to match. Having toured across the globe, j and the 9s has come back home to release their newest EP, “The Terrible Twos”.

j and the 9s EP, “The Terrible Twos” is hard hitting punk infused rock at it’s best. The variety of style and tone throughout  the EP keeps the listener engaged and anxious for the next track.

The first single is “Love to Be”. Its video brings us a sample of the raw power and passion that this band gives in each performance. “Love to Be” teaches us about need and love in its rawest form.

Next, we come to “Otherside”. This song shows a transition from anger to admission of need and then beyond beautifully through a switch of tempo and tone. When you hear it you have to say to yourself, “Yup. Been there!”
Chronic Seducer mixes raw anger and a touch of fun to draw you in. You bop your head and move while wondering how a song this rage-driven can get you to dance! Add in a gorgeous flute solo by j and it easily is my favorite track on the EP.
Finally, we come to the last track. “Stop” is catchy and lingers on your mind throughout the day. It mixes the band’s classic style with easy accessibility to any listener… trademark traits for a band to take off in popularity.

J and the 9s are unique, and at times relentless, in their style of getting your attention. They reel you in and never let you go. The strange thing is once you start listening to them you don’t WANT to go. You are on a journey with them that takes you around the bend in a Wonderland for the most die-hard of glam punk rock fans.


Come through that looking glass with us as you watch the video for “Love to Be”. Join j and the 9s at their EP release show at Pianos on 6/15/17.

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