IBG Interview – 7 Questions with….. KAIYA


Where dance and fashion meet music…Where poetry and philosophy are united in all the shades of the black-and-white piano palette…Where the silhouette touches a hungry canvas…Where the soft velvet of the voice is intertwined with the silky strings of interlaced melodies…From this rich and delicate matrix of artistry, KAIYA is continuously born.

The sensual indie-pop starlet took some time to sit down and discuss her music and burgeoning career.  Enjoy the interview here:


——–Is KAIYA your given name or a new persona you have taken on for your music?

Kaiya is actually my name with just one letter replaced But also it’s a symbol of the beginning of a new life to me.


———How would you describe your unique sound?

I’d call it indie-pop-electronics I guess..

——–You have wanted to sing for a long time. How did you keep the fire burning?

Well I have my ups and downs of course, as we all do. But I just can’t live without it. And also my goal is to bring some positive energy, to make people feel good when they hear my music. That’s what feeds my fire.


———Who are your musical influences?

My inspiration comes from jazz, nina simone.. from amy winehouse… mazzy star.. Some classical music and modern electronics. And then the inspiration comes when my phone dies and I start to write.. sometimes I don’t change my phone on purpose to keep myself isolated and inspired.. but its a secret.



———-Having lived in some of the biggest artist filled cities in the world, how would you compare your current home base of New York City?

I’ll just say: if you make it here you’ll make it anywhere! That’s what New York is.


———Your new single “Games” is quite the debut. Tell us about the experience working with ÅMBE?

Besides being an amazing musician, singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer, she is my dear friend, inspiration, and a huge driving force. She said: you can. and you should. And I’ve started to work towards my dream.


——–What is next for KAIYA?

A new single… a music video… and then an EP late autumn.


Keep up with new music and the career of KAIYA on her WEBSITE.


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