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Lush Puppy Are Out To“Kill For Fun”

What is Lush Puppy? Lush Puppy is a drunkard, also a variation of booze hound, according to Urban Dictionary. Who is Lush Puppy? Roos Ooteman, brings us punchy, sassy and airy vocals. Gabriel Vezzola, otherwise known as D.J. Gabriel, brings the kickass beats. Lush Puppy brings “Genre-Defying” sounds from the Netherlands into 2020.  The group’s

gloryBots Is Out Of This World With ‘Dark Alien Pop’

Recording under the title of gloryBots, indie rock maestro Jalal Andre has just delivered the quintessential pop record of the late 2010s in the form of Dark Alien Pop. The album lives up to its imaginative name and the futuristic nature of its composer’s handle fearlessly. Opening up the self-explanatory ambient/industrial track “Entanglement,” gloryBots proves to us