Lush Puppy Are Out To“Kill For Fun”

What is Lush Puppy? Lush Puppy is a drunkard, also a variation of booze hound, according to Urban Dictionary. Who is Lush Puppy? Roos Ooteman, brings us punchy, sassy and airy vocals. Gabriel Vezzola, otherwise known as D.J. Gabriel, brings the kickass beats.

Lush Puppy brings “Genre-Defying” sounds from the Netherlands into 2020.  The group’s most recent release, “Kill for Fun”, released on January 10th with a bang after the duo just released their first 4 singles and debut EP in 2019.  The track was released through BERT music, a division of TCBYML.

Screaming “I just wanna f*ck for fun, there’s no hunt for love”.  The satirical lyrics are actually calling out those rappers who have lost their way. Looks like we don’t need to worry about Lush Puppy straying from their authentic selves!

“Oh honey you’re fake!” Calling out the rappers who have sold out for that life of luxury…no one is safe!

Lush Puppy’s contradicting sounds become an addicting melody that we can’t let go.  The group has definitely come to “Kill for Fun” with this recent release. We look forward to a 2020 full of kick ass beats, punk rock guitars, and punchy rap lyrics with a mix of angelic vocal melodies.

“Kill for Fun” is now available on Spotify as well as Sound Cloud. Want to jump on the Lush Puppy rollercoaster? Follow them on Instagram!

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  1. Remembered a band called Lush Puppy.
    Epic rap punk rock band from Durban South Coast . I thought they were highly under rated and ahead of the time . Maybe even the first band to bring that style of music to the SA scene. Also , Jimmy 12 inch were excellent in their own unique way. So many bands around 1999 to 2001 were excellent but never really got noticed internationally.