Lovesick Anguish Ruminates in “Heartbreak Is Misery” by Brannon

Recently, I was introduced to Jonathan Brannon’s discography. For some time now, he’s been hard at work in Los Angeles. There is a collaborative spirit to Jonathan’s music. Whatever music genre he takes on, an unquestionable quality exists. An acoustic record? Sure! How about hip-hop? Why not! Always diversifying his approach, Jonathan reached out to vocal mercenary at large David Cagle. For the duo, the next order of business was a full-length rock n roll album. Josh Brannon and David Cagle together are Brannon, and ‘Heartbreak Is Misery is their new album.

Love and heartbreak is the theme that underpins the album. Case in point is the single “All I See” where David sings “many battles have been fought and everyone we’ve lost”. Being lost in such heartbreak can breed anxiety like driving in heavy fog. Conveying lovesick anguish over slick production is rock n roll 101. Lovesick lyrics, slick production, and intuitive songwriting do make a great recipe. Here, everything flows seamlessly, arriving as anticipated. Excellent!

Staying in the heartfelt ballad’s lane is the very next track. However, “Off My Mind” picks up the intensity. Rich lush vocals arrive in waves augmented by a heightened vocal delivery. David Cagle’s experience as a frontman is evident. He lets loose showcasing absolute control of his capabilities. Again, the music’s production shines as the balanced mix gives every note crystal clarity just like HDTV.

Finishing strong are the last three songs of the album. I noted these as being the most radio-friendly. First, “Goin’ For Mine” directed at proverbial naysayers is rocking! A lyrical depiction of words all have spoken to those who have underestimated us. Borrowing from Brannon’s hip-hop ventures, a touch of hip-hop element is introduced. Brannon keeps us on our toes.

“When The Heartbreak Is Over” arrives, big guitar chords rain down in Nickelback “How You Remind Me” fashion. Elements of arena rock pop goodness (i.e., big melodies, big vocal delivery, an arena rock guitar solo) give us, arena rock pop goodness. Only fitting that one of the album’s simplest cuts stands out the most.

For the last song of the album, David Cagle and his sonorous vocals provide a proper sendoff. “On My Way” is the big finale built like a skyscraper, one story at a time. Each oncoming part is bigger than the one preceding it. Slowly building mass, after the guitar solo the song resets for round two. Sit back and watch the sparks fly. It’s the last song, it’s supposed to end that way.

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