Zack Kirkorian Wants You To ‘Tell Somebody’

Zack Kirkorian

For those with a true passion for creating music there is nothing that can stop them. These artists will continue to work hard and put their all into doing what they love, no matter the difficulties that get thrown at them. Our friend Zack Kirkorian wasn’t dealt the best hand in life but his passion and determination have made him the amazing musician that he is today.

The talented artist is a songwriting multi-instrumentalist with vocal, guitar, keyboard, and violin skills. Zack Kirkorian has rocked the Sunset Strip, been a computer audio technician, and played keyboards for platinum glam bandits Warrant. He continues his impressive output with the biting, sarcastic, and heavily distorted new garage/punk anthem “Tell Somebody.”

Dive into Zack Kirkorian’s World on ‘Tell Somebody’

The song is a hard-punching blast of rock and roll that seems to be a call-out of the “safe space” crowd. It also feels like the rant of a modern human who has had enough of other people’s problems. Kirkorian puts it down over a tough guitar/bass/drums pocket that is as aggressive as his lyrics and his taunting delivery. The result is the kind of confrontational rock song that stiffens the backbone the first time you hear it. 

Kirkorian is an outstanding vocalist and a ripping guitarist who has a flair for the dramatic. He’s backed on “Tell Somebody” by Grammy-nominated producer and drummer Tal Bergman (Rod Stewart), and bassist Ian Ross (John 5 and The Creatures). This kind of all-pro effort makes for some high-octane rock and roll fun that absolutely demands wattage and volume. 

The depth of his artistry and commitment to expression are obvious in all that he does and “Tell Somebody” is no exception. This is rock and roll as it’s meant to be: loud, proud, and unapologetic. Crank this one up and let Zack Kirkorian wake you up from the mainstream slumber that always threatens to overtake us all. Highly recommended.

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