Cello/Phn continues Growth with ‘The Monday Blues’


There is nothing we like more over here at Indie Band Guru than watching an artist develop over time. The music industry is a truly difficult lifestyle. As Hunter S. Thompson said “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” But the appeal of creating music from the heart is such a draw that talented individuals persist enough to push through the bullshit. One such artist is our longtime friend Cello/Phn.

We first connected with the New Orleans native almost 5 years ago when his single “See Me” was released. It was obvious immediately Cello/Phn was onto something with his Alternative R&B/Psychedelic sound. His artistry has continued to develop combining an image and visuals that attract the eyes, ears, and soul. He invites listeners to live in his creations along with the real meanings he shares. Transparency is a huge part of the Cello/Phn brand. That is what continues bringing new fans in to connect with the true visions of life that he openly shares.

The upcoming The Monday Blues project is preparing to enter the world. We at Indie Band Guru had the chance to get a preview. The growth of Cello/Phn continues on the 4 song EP. Opening up with “Cuddle Buddy” (featuring Mondaii) enters with a spacy vibe filled with samples filling each corner of the soundscape. Smooth emotion drips from the vocals from both artists, even with their diverse style. 

A more straightforward beat appears on the lead single “Feenin.” A reverb drenched guitar strum adds some depth. Cello/Phn pulls no punches, putting it all out there in his lyrics. Some sultry and exotic imagery is shared letting you know just what he needs. We are deep inside his mind now. There is no turning back.

Cello/Phn Tiny Desk Submission of ‘Idle Minds’

Perhaps the best track of the record is “Idle Mind.” Somehow Cello/Phn creates an anthemic sound with an intimately delivered track. Vocals are very strong here letting us truly feel the emotion that the artist shares with us. And it is a lot! A song that demands repeat listens.

The EP closes with “Flipstar” and an open spoken word chat with the listener before the smooth R&B beat creeps in. Sounds again seem to come from everywhere enveloping the listener in teh Cello/Phn world. A welcoming place where we are all safe to share our deepest thoughts and desires.

We continue to be excited for what Cello/Phn has been doing and the growth. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on as new projects continue to develop. Dive deeper for yourself HERE.

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  1. Demetris Price

    Awesome… We are so proud of your growth. Continue to reach for the stars; sharing your talent and all that God has gifted you. You are inspiring more and more young artists like yourself to Believe and not give up on their Dreams.