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Get in the Pool With Genre bending debut album

Get In The Pool members LV, Ava Raiin, Paul Murray, David July, and Ben Amanna are inviting you to join their shindig with their debut self-titled album. The first track “Pool 101,”  invites the listener to join in the festivities, setting the tone for the rest of the album— the pool party. The overarching theme

Ron Greene Starts A Fire With ‘Matchbook’

The new single “Matchbook” from Indianapolis native and Pacific Northwest-based performer, musician, vocalist and songwriter Ron Greene poises him for a breakout quite unlike anything he’s experienced up to this point. Greene, despite the energy level he brings to the song,  has a veteran writer and musician’s instincts for crafting material with maximum emotional impact.

Junglepussy Reveals a Soft Side on ‘Showers’

Junglepussy is known for her fierce lyrics and sharp punchlines, but on “Showers,” the latest single off her upcoming album, she reveals a soft, vulnerable side for the first time.   The 26-year-old, New York City based rapper has built a career out of embracing a confident, unapologetic sexuality while preaching messages of female empowerment