The Real J Israel Offers Up A ‘Glass Half Full’

The Real J Israel

One of the most important parts of creating music is injecting your passion into it. Listeners can sense the love and dedication put into your craft. This draws them deep into your sound. Our recent discovery of The Real J Israel has had quite a journey to reach his current style. His uniqueness and passion will gain him fans quite quickly. 

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the singer and songwriter spent his early life around the church and gospel choirs. As the son of a minister, the Real J Israel learned quickly how to inject soul and passion not only into his life, but also his voice. As he developed he brought together an array of genres and influences to create a sound that is uniquely him. There is a base in downbeat R&B but pieces of Soul, Chill, and even a Country can be heard in his music. All of it delivered with true passion.

The most recent release by The Real J Israel is his 2 song EP Glass Half Full. His positivity extends way beyond the title. On “A Better Me” the songwriter uses just an acoustic guitar to pour himself and his authenticity into the song. It is intimate and welcoming as his vocals weave elegantly through our hearts and minds. As Israel preaches of bettering himself we can feel ourselves becoming better as well.

The B-Side “I Am Me” continues this beauty. The Real J Israel vocals get even more passionate as you can feel it in each verse. It is as if he is singing directly to each listener. This personal connection makes for a great artist. A pretty melody punctuated with a slow but strong drumbeat keeps the song moving along. There is even a beautiful guitar solo added in to show the true talents of the artist. 

We see great things on the horizon for The Real J Israel.

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