Hollywood Logan Keeps It Sultry With ‘Loving to Nite’

Hollywood Logan

To have a long career in the music business an artist must be willing to develop not only their sound but their personality as well. This can not be phony. It must be the growth of a real person who wishes to create for his fans. The well known Hollywood Logan has been doing this for over 40 years. He still continues moving forward in a new gospel direction.

The American singer, songwriter, author and now worldwide TV Host hails from Los Angeles, California. Best known as one of The Legendary Drifters, Hollywood Logan is a member of the four-time Grammy-winning and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group. His larger-than-life, energetic stage presence drew fans in to see them live for years. One of his main goalsis to have a significant impact on the development, evolution and preservation of American doo-wop and R&B/soul sound. This also led Hollywood Logan to his newest gospel influenced music. 

Today, Hollywood Logan will still sing the oldies that put him on the map, however God has called him to a higher place…Gospel Music. Even beyond the music, he is now appearing in over 236 million homes across the globe for The NOW Network with his new show, Godsent Music Group with Hollywood Logan

Recent single “Lovin To Nite” showcases this new focus and talent. The opening snaps bring us back to an earlier time. As Hollywood Logan starts to croon we can all ease back into the relaxed, yet sexy vocals. The sultry style counters the gospel feel with precision to welcome all music lovers into the room. A cozy and comfortable room where we can all lay back and be free. By the end of the track we may all need a cigarette as well, lol.

Keep up with more from Hollywood Logan’s past and future on his WEBSITE.

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