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Moody Bank$

When words fail, people have always turned to colors to try and describe how they feel. For example, feeling blue means you are down. Feeling Colors is Moody Bank$’s latest EP featuring nine tracks. From the album art to Feeling Colours, you can already tell the EP will burst with emotions. 

Moody Bank$ serves us with a striking look while surrounded by all these emotions in the form of painted hands. There is some neon orange, a touch of lilac, some green, and some blue. All the hands surrounding her could also be seen as some support. Perhaps an allusion to the theme of self-love and spirituality that she touches on in Note to Self and Ree’s Interlude. 

Moody Bank$ is an upcoming R&B and Soul musician from Austin, Texas. She sang and performed for her family as a child, designed clothes, and painted different things. She then joined college through a sports scholarship. 

It was after college that she decided to try something different. She started working in a studio as a scheduler. Then, one day while listening to some artists recording, she decided that she too could create music. Moody broke into the scene in 2020 with her debut EP Full Blunts and Full Moons, which saw her getting a great reception for her unique sound.

The EP opens with the soulful song Note to Self. In it, Moody Bank$ reminds herself to stop worrying about the future. She punctuates the song with a movie-like reminder of the people who never believed in her, “I was told I wouldn’t succeed, and yet I succeeded.”

Very close to the theme in Note to Self is Ree’s Interlude and Joy Ride. Ree’s Interlude is like a chant, words that Moody Bank$ uses to tap into her ancestry and spirituality, acknowledging the strength and power it took to get her to where she is. On the other hand, Joy Ride is a reference to her power: to be sensual, powerful, and a winner.

The other songs lean towards love and heartbreak. In Work, it Out and Sticky Situations, Moody Bank$ sings about getting through the challenging parts of a relationship and finding a way forward. The mix of rap and singing in Stick Situations instantly reminds you of a mix of 90s hip-hop and 2000s R&B. 

La La La is about losing yourself in a relationship and only realizing your worth later. An iconic line from the song is, “I can’t believe you had me feeling like I’m second place.” La La La also has a catchy bass loop that gives it a chilled, electro feel. 

Finally, Easy Bake and Awe of You are the love songs of the EP. They are both about wanting to spend time with your lover and having an intimate connection. They would make great songs to play when catching a sunset or sunrise with someone you love. 

Overall, Feeling Colors is an enjoyable listen. It would fit many different moods and environments. Moody Bank$ experiments with her sound and delivery, and no one song sounds like the other. The EP is available on all major streaming platforms. 

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