Charley Carrozo is The Light in ‘Blinded Times’

Music is meant to fit the times. Especially when the current times are as crazy as they have been. We can use music to try and explain what is happening and hopefully shine a light of positivity for overcoming difficulties. Our recent find Charley Carrozo released Blinded Times about trying to see our way through these difficult times of division and uncertainty. Let music be our guide.

The singer/songwriter out of West Newbury, Massachusetts has been making music for quite a while. Charley Carrozo is probably best known as the leader of jamrock outfit Another Planet, and for performing with well known groups like the Derek Trucks Band and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Now stretching out his solo artist wings with his own flair for Americana. Whether Charley is picking at your heartstrings or bringing a high energy rock vibe, he has something for all lovers of music.

Late October 2022 saw the release of Blind Times. For this, his second solo record, Charley Carrozo lays it all out there on 10 impressive tracks. To fill out the sound some true talent was brought in including Gary Backstrom on Guitar, Lynne Taylor on Bass and Charlie Rockwood Farr on Drums. The record was recorded with no instrumental overdubs to let the real feel of the music shine through.

As the album opens with the title track “Blinded Times” we can sense the heartfelt emotion put into the record. A warm americana backdrop sets the tone as Charley Carrozo pours out the lyrics in a way that brings light to all those listening. Cozy, warm, and heartfelt. This continues on “When I Need You Most” with a slowed down tempo to really let the feelings show. We are all in this together and Charley will be here to help in any way he can. 

“We’ve got to help each other see through these Blinded Times.”

-Charley Carrozo

The heartfelt emotion is turned up to its max on “Closest Friend I Never Knew.” A meandering guitar melody and simple beat will get heads swaying back and forth. The vocals are delivered smoothly with a yearning vibe that can be felt by all. A great guitar solo is added to show some extra flair. This vibe continues on “I Can See You Fall.” Slow, steady, and heartfelt.

Enjoy the video for ‘Namaste’ by Charley Carrozo

The energy shifts on “Namaste” with a positive and happy tone. Happy plucking and a flashy drum sound are meant to put a smile on your face. The jamband influence can be heard here as each artist shares their own fun into the song. The chorus adds some vocals from Lynne Taylor to really add to the joyous pop energy. 

The folk feel of “Better Days” brings the light of happier times of the past and what is to come. Laid back yet littered with flashes of elegant guitar makes for a great ride. Charley Carrozo seems to wear his heart on his sleeve to let us all in. 

We are all welcome into his world. Follow the journey on the WEBSITE of Charley Carrazo.

Charley Carrozo

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  1. anthony Pepe

    Why can’t I find a single mention of (aside from this article) or any videos/recordings of Another Planet music??