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Sara Laine Shows Off Her ‘Sign Of Love’

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our recent discovery Sara Laine has made music a part of her entire life. From a young age the singer and recording artist was strumming on an acoustic guitar and developing song ideas. Through the years she has developed her own multi-genre sound that borrows from Rock, Country,

Take A ’60 Grit’ Ride On Rockford Road

Classic music is classic for a reason. The sound lives on in many musician’s minds. Not only in their listening and influences but in the music they continue to make today. Our recent find Rockford Road is a great example that is keeping classic sound alive and well.  The band from Richmond, Virginia was originally

Matthew Austin Hunt Wants To Be “Free”

Looking for a heartache-in-your-feels song with a great Americana sound? Look no further than Matthew Austin Hunt’s newest single “Free.”  Matthew Austin Hunt has always had a love for music. Hunt’s grandfather (a 1940s recording artist) introduced him to music by giving him a guitar at the age of 7. Hunt went on to play