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The Color Forty Nine drop Alt-Americana EP

From San Diego, The Color Forty Nine has released a debut self-titled record that comes with seven songs cut from the Americana cloth but also falls into its alternative rock listing with more of a folk-rock and even a singer/songwriter approach to round out their categorization factors. But make no mistake this is a band with

The Willing Continue To Show ‘eMotion’

There are many powers in music. One that is often obvious is the bond it creates. When a group of musicians gets together to make music time and space can seem to stand still as musical magic takes over. When everything lines up correctly these musicians get closer and closer as they feed off each

Cathy Hutch is ‘Free Wheelin’

We’re sitting in a field of green, the wind gently shaking the grass beneath our hands and feet on this warm summer day. A humble guitar strums gentle, folky chords that fill up the air around us. The chords seem to compliment the breeze, easily drifting through the atmosphere and carrying all of our cares