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Phil Gammage Lets Us All Get ‘Redeemed’

Singer-songwriter Phil Gammage delivers a soulful batch of 20th Century-influenced songs about the human condition on his new album Redeemed.  Released in February of 2024, Redeemed is an understated jewel of a record that installs itself deeper into your life with each successive listen. Phil Gammage is Texas-born but is now based in New York

Ryan Van Dordrecht Set To be ‘Undone’

Sometimes it all just comes together when we least expect it. If we are open to this, great things can come. Singer-songwriter Ryan Van Dordrecht stumbled upon his own full-length sophomore solo record from a series of free-wheeling studio sessions. The resulting Undone is set for release on January 5th, 2024 (but Indie Band Guru

The Healers Are Set To Heal Your Soul

When an artist is willing to be part of ‘the scene’ for a long time, they will inevitably make some amazing connections. Playing alone in your bedroom does not offer that. Getting out there and meeting other like-minded musicians not only opens up immeasurable collaboration opportunities but it also exposes you to other styles of