“Soft Place to Fall” by Dulcie Taylor

While it would be foolish to think they’re the only element of sincere expression in the new single “Soft Place to Fall” by Dulcie Taylor, the string arrangement in the song is perhaps reason enough to give it a close listen this season (alongside its companion video). Creating the right kind of backdrop for a singer of Taylor’s skillset can prove to be a little challenging for producers, but in this instance, every person involved with the conception of “Soft Place to Fall” deserves to get a lot of praise, as this feels like the most complete song this artist has recorded so far.

Though the instrumentation is spot-on and precise, the vocal is always the main focus and definitely the more meticulously designed of the two. Taylor puts so much emphasis on the chorus – more than I would expect, even for a pop song – that there’s no escaping the undertow her vocal harmony creates for the listeners before we’ve even felt the complete climax of the hook in the foreground. She’s calculated here, and in the music video for “Soft Place to Fall,” I think we get an even better idea as to how seriously she takes recording in any capacity or setting.  

It’s always nice to hear something refreshing and optimistic when much of the opposite is being amplified over the international airwaves on a daily basis, and in 2022, that’s where a song like “Soft Place to Fall” comes in handy. This is a crossover tune I didn’t even know I needed to make this autumn playlist feel just a bit more satisfying and well-rounded, and if you haven’t already given it a listen for yourself, this October is the time to do so. I’m impressed with Taylor’s ongoing growth, and something tells me others in and outside of her scene will be, too.

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