Cello/Phn Gives Us A Look in “See Me”


As the music industry has evolved, especially the independent music industry, there has been more of a call for artists to be wide open with their thoughts, lives, and music. Some would call it transparency. Who better to be transparent that our latest find Cello/Phn (Cellophane)?

The New Orleans, Louisiana native has been a fanatic about music for as long as he can remember. He poured this passion into songwriting and developing his musical talents. Cello/Phn was blessed with an upbringing that exposed him to many different styles of music. His own sound is a unique blend of soul, indie, R&B, and even a little psychedelic. This no holds barred approach has landed him his own alternative touch that can appeal to lovers of all these genres.

As a songwriter Cello/Phn pays homage to his influences and combines it with his personal memories and meanderings. His music shows the colorfulness of a boy who has just discovered the world and at the same time taps into real issues that many shy away from writing about. 

For his new single “See Me”, Cello/Phn eases us in with a mesmerizing sound that oozes along painting a real picture of life. The listener feels cozy and safe as the somewhat self-defeating lyrics become very relatable. We have all had the feelings that he shares. This vulnerable transparency makes “See Me” reach deep into the soul. 

We wait anxiously to see where Cello/Phn takes us next. Keep up with the journey on Instagram at @CellowPhane and @WhatHappened2Monday.

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