Hei$enberg Says “Text Me”

When you’ve got over 57,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, but only three singles out you’ve earned my attention. And that’s the story of Texas rapper, Hei$enberg who is the freshest face in Southern talent. Recently the young artist released “Text Me” a hit song with a catchy beat that perfectly maintains the momentum he created with his previous release “Bad Chick.”

As you can probably surmount from the titles of the singles Hei$enberg has released so far, you’re listening to him for a good time. We have yet to see the rapper tackle any serious content matter, but not every song needs to have profound meaning to still create an impact. “Text Me” is fun and full of energy, the perfect single to blast throughout summer.

Hei$enberg beats are fresh and clean and his excellent pronunciation makes for an easy-listening experience that can be enjoyed by more than just rap-lovers. Immediately his beats will hook you, and the story will make you feel as though you’ve just hopped into the hottest night club in town.

With his streaming numbers increasing exponentially each day, it’s clear that the people are catching on to Hei$enberg and it’s only a matter of time before he works his way into a household name.

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