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Tedi Brunetti is “The Queen of Pittsburgh”

I had the pleasure of reviewing the full-length album, The Queen of Pittsburgh from bandleader/vocalist/percussionist Tedi Brunetti after the first single, ‘Evil Woman’ was released in May of 2021. Since then this dynamic work has been played repeatedly and it has given me a new appreciation of the nuances this album offers and some of

Pamela Jackson Proves That ‘We Are America’

Let’s face facts. The past couple of years in America have been filled with difficulties from many angles. Many problems have arisen that seem to have piled up on each other. We must focus on each problem and do our best to correct them. There has been a major movement in society and social justice

STEEN is Running Through ‘Red Lights’

Southern California has always been a hotbed of fresh musical talent. It seems that experimentation is in the air there while bands try new things and offer their own style that takes the SoCal feeling to the masses. The latest up-and-coming band to start making some noise is our recent find STEEN. The musical duo