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Nathan Hedges Is Ready To Play ‘Games’

When a musician has been doing it for an extended time the walls start to come down. There is no need to force your music into any specific style or genre. This freedom has a way of producing the most amazing and groundbreaking music. Our friend Nathan Hedges keeps grinding and developing with his newest

IBG Interview – 7 Questions With… Freddie Maguire

Freddie Maguire is an Italian singer and composer who was born in Florence, Italy on February 22, 1980, to an Italian mother and an American father. His diverse origins have created a unique international musical recipe, with ingredients of American funk, rock, blues, soul, and Mediterranean influences. He is a musician who crosses oceans and

Steve McCormick Releases ‘Louisa’

Embracing the vintage and the analog, Steve McCormick’s music retains a quality taken for granted in modern music. Throughout his growing catalog of music, McCormick has recorded his own soulful slice of Americana with painstaking production. With his new album Louisa, he returns with incredible musicianship and an impeccable analog sound. Listen To ‘Louisa’ Here