Nathan Hedges Is Ready To Play ‘Games’

Nathan Hedges

When a musician has been doing it for an extended time the walls start to come down. There is no need to force your music into any specific style or genre. This freedom has a way of producing the most amazing and groundbreaking music. Our friend Nathan Hedges keeps grinding and developing with his newest single “Games.”

The multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter/engineer and producer has been a fixture in the music industry for over 20 years. Nathan Hedges has made music all over the US. He has spent time in Chicago, IL, Portland, OR and New York City, NY before currently settling in Cleveland, OH. In addition to releasing 5 albums, Nathan has licensed dozens of songs for TV and Film. This has helped him create a unique mix of genres to create a sound that is undeniably his. While Soul, Blues, and Americana are the base, there are elements of indie and alt-rock to turn up the energy.

The lead single off the upcoming Whiskey & Firelight album by Nathan Hedges is the attention grabbing “Games” set for release on February 24th. As the interesting guitar sound eases in, the voice of Nathan comes in to spark the excitement. There is definitely a country/americana feel but an almost experimental vibe sits in the background. The guitars and vocals wind together in a way that takes us “round and round” just like the lyrics say. The build of the song draws the listener in even deeper to see where we will be taken next. It is quite the ride.

Keep an eye out for a string of singles by Nathan Hedges leading up to the full album release. Keep up with the journey on his WEBSITE.

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