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Latest Single by Jess McAvoy is Exactly ‘What You Want’

Pairing enchantingly nostalgic notes with her lulling lyrical presence, singer-songwriter Jess McAvoy continues to captivate listeners with the release of her latest sentimental single, “Do What You Want”. An old soul in both emotion and experience, McAvoy first began her musical journey over two decades ago in Perth, Australia and has since settled in Brooklyn,

Rebecca Blasband is “Here” To Stay

A decadent piano pierces through our speakers and is shortly followed by the voice of Rebecca Blasband, who starts to whisper the bittersweet lyrics of “Love Is” amidst a growing musical melancholy just beside her. The epitaphic tone is soon broken up by a cathartic major key chorus that beckons us closer to the warmth

Linda Marie Fischer Debuts Album, “Arc of Love”

Love is an interesting thing. In a sense, love can be likened to alcohol on a wound—it can sting painfully but is ultimately healing. Leo Buscaglia, who I am currently reading, wrote a series of lectures on it. I, as a graduate student/nerd, wrote a research paper about it. Whether they realize it or not,