Steve McCormick Releases ‘Louisa’

Embracing the vintage and the analog, Steve McCormick’s music retains a quality taken for granted in modern music. Throughout his growing catalog of music, McCormick has recorded his own soulful slice of Americana with painstaking production. With his new album Louisa, he returns with incredible musicianship and an impeccable analog sound.

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The album starts off with the title track “Louisa”, a funky and fun track with some soulful storytelling. McCormick has spent years studying and involving himself in American music, and this song absolutely oozes with New Orleans bayou charm.

Something common with McCormick’s music, especially on this album with songs like “Wide Horizon”, are longer wandering tracks. Creeping over the six minute mark, songs like these start to feel like hypnotic jam sessions.

“There Is Smoke” hits some bayou style bluesy notes on this album. With a serious slide guitar solo and some soulful backing vocals, this song has a lot that stands out impressively among the instrumentation. With guitar, bass, keyboards, and varied percussion making up the rhythm section, McCormick knows how to place everything without muddying up the track.

Excelling at creating dense instrumentation while remaining crystal clear, Steve McCormick also takes some time to create some open space to let the music talk for itself. This is especially evident on tracks like “Spend Some Time On You” and “Tie Me Up” where a rhythmic foundation sets the stage for these smooth songs.

If you enjoyed Steve McCormick’s Louisa check out his deep catalog of work exploring Americana. Each of his albums have a focus on quality sound from analog recording techniques, so McCormick’s music is always pleasant to hear, keep up to see what he has in store for the future.

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