The Journey of Mallacy – ‘(Sigh) My Man’

If you are currently on the hunt for a new kind of sound that stands out from the crowd, prepare to be wowed by ‘(Sigh) My Man.’ This new melody could easily fit into its own category of music altogether, seamlessly combining genres which could easily clash.

Electro-pop, with a kind of psychedelic rock, is a wildly difficult music style to pull off. Yet, Mallacy and his former band The Konincks are able to do so with polish and uniqueness. While ‘(Sigh) My Man’ is heavily defined by its electro-pop elements, it is also influenced by blues and synth.

(Sigh) My Man: An Electro-Pop Experience

All of these elements combined give Mallacy’s song an ethereal and otherworldly quality. It is this dream-like element that makes ‘(Sigh) My Man’ so memorable. It is the kind of track that can be replayed over and over again.

Indeed, with every listen, the audience discovers something new. This song is a journey, reminiscent of the experimental music of the ’60s and ’70s. Yet, ‘(Sigh) My Man’ is also incredibly fresh. One thing that is important in music, which cannot be taught, is how to weave one’s passion into the song itself. The artists do this beautifully.

It is also significant that Mallacy was able to collaborate with his former bandmates to create this song. There are dozens upon dozens of horror stories about what can happen when bands split. It is quite the rarity to find an exception, but ‘(Sigh) My Man’ is a prime example of what can happen when musicians focus on their art instead of their egos.

If the listener is on the hunt for a new kind of sound that does not quite fit in with the modern music scene, you will not be disappointed with ‘(Sigh) My Man’, which is a soundscape experience all its own and is currently available to stream and purchase everywhere. 

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