Resilient And Hopeful, Shane Casey’s “Find My Way” Has Something To Share

Difficult times come and go, weathering them while holding on to hope is what the new single from Shane Casey, “Find My Way,” is all about. Drawing listeners in with beautiful harmonizing, this indie folk track feels soft, fluid and persistent. It treats listeners to the storytelling and vocals folk music is known for, while integrating elements of rock that give the song an edge. This track has some real heart and a story that will resonate with anyone.

Shane Casey is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey who created “Find My Way” with guitarist Brian Lawrey, bassist Keith Macadoo, and drummer Joex Marotto. The track is part of a concept album called Silver Star that the group has worked on bringing to life over the last year. Silver Star tells one man’s life story, sharing his many hardships and hopes. The album is set to release on August 21.

As the first release from Silver Star, “Find My Way” is the perfect jumping off point for listeners to enter the story Casey is sharing. It is all about starting one’s life journey and being resilient enough to keep going. The lyric “storm it follows me almost everywhere that I go / but I don’t mind the pouring rain” really embodies this idea. At four minutes and 53 seconds, it is a bit of a lengthy listen. However, the storyline and accompaniment make it worth the while. The guitar parts give the track vibrancy and help move the emotions behind the song along. Further, everything in this track is beautifully blended.

“Find My Way” is certainly a track worth giving a listen. The story it shares is one that can resonate with any listener, especially when times are tough. With interesting guitar parts and charming vocals, it is a track most rock and folk fans are sure to enjoy.  Listeners will have to wait until August 21 hear what else Casey’s story has to share.


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