D.K. Lyons’ and His Rose-Tinted Glasses

D.K. LyonsThe Past (Romanticized) is one of the most exciting alternative rock albums of the summer. Perhaps the best thing about this album and the songs is the extremely coherent themes that Lyons focuses on. The Past (Romanticized) is all about making peace and making sense of one’s past and youth through rose-colored glasses.

D.K. Lyons is stunningly open about the struggles and the joys of his childhood through this album. Having lost his father at a young age, one of the sole connections to his memory was their shared love of Tom Petty. One can clearly hear Petty’s influence on Lyons and on The Past (Romanticized).

Three Stand-Out Tracks

Three of the stand-out songs of the album are ‘Shades Of Amber,’ ‘Sleep With The Lights On,’ and ‘Long Way Home.’ ‘Shades Of Amber’ perhaps best exemplifies the rose-tinted glasses concept of the album. It is a song about memory and the bittersweet process of looking back on an old love.

‘Sleep With The Lights On’ captures the feeling of being young and discovering the realities of life – both good and bad. This is a song about having to grow up and leave one’s childhood behind. Lyons’ reminds us that our anxieties may never go away, but that we can overcome them.

‘Long Way Home’ may well be the most nostalgic and emotional track of the album. This is a song about one’s desperation to get back to their youth. It is also about our inability to find a way there. Any listener can hear Lyons longing here. We hear it and it is almost impossible not to relate to it.

‘Long Way Home’ captures the conflict between over-romanticizing your past, realizing that your childhood is gone forever, and acknowledging that your youth will never live up to your rose-tinted memories of it. If you are interested in alternative-rock, you will not want to miss Lyons and the lovely masterpiece that is The Past (Romanticized).

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