War Panties bask in a “Loving Sunshine Dream”

War Panties

When I think of a “party band” two bands immediately come to mind. ZZ Top and Chromeo. I always thought Chromeo and ZZ Top sharing a bill would be the ultimate event. Does Coachella take suggestions… asking for a friend? I bring this up because Louisville Kentucky natives War Panties tap into this raucous party vibe. Since 2012, War Panties has been playing their local bar scene and beyond. Today we dive into their latest single “Loving Sunshine Dream“.

Clean jubilant guitar strumming cues us there’s a good time around the corner. Sure enough, the organ keys arrive like confetti at a parade before a wall of fun wallops our senses. Confident bass lines cement the groove as the party rages on. With brass accents and a dancing wah pedal beneath said jubilant strumming, the singer lays it down! A tried-and-true good time recipe.

War Panties effortlessly plays with vocal melodies and clever wordplay. Their rhythmic vocal delivery strengthens the instrumental composition of the track while simultaneously adding that special ingredient, authenticity. Their singing patterns shine and make every section memorable. Riding out the chorus line in the outro was the perfect way to end the single. Very clever to sneakily add doses of that infectious main chorus hook. By giving us a teaser, then a double shot and finally the 4 bar outro final dose, we’re hooked.

Judging by War Panties YouTube, bio and music, they like having fun. They mention in order to get the full experience, seeing them perform live is best. That may be true, but their “Loving Sunshine Dream” music video does convey their lighthearted ways. I hear a lot of nostalgic sounds from my childhood. Like Blues Traveler’s “Run-Around” mixed with Sublime’s “Same In The End”. I may have to take a trip to Louisville Kentucky for a first-hand experience. 

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