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War Panties bask in a “Loving Sunshine Dream”

When I think of a “party band” two bands immediately come to mind. ZZ Top and Chromeo. I always thought Chromeo and ZZ Top sharing a bill would be the ultimate event. Does Coachella take suggestions… asking for a friend? I bring this up because Louisville Kentucky natives War Panties tap into this raucous party vibe.

The Joe Marcinek Band Impresses With ‘5’

As a talented musician, there are not many things better than an open jam session with other talented players. Different personalities blend together their styles to create unique music. Often never to be reproduced. Our discovery of the Joe Marcinek Band furthers my belief in this random jam musical magic. The Chicago based project is

Working Memory Is Out There ‘Searching’

There will always be a unique connection between the musical family you have built up in your playing and performing career. But if your biological family is also full of musicians, that connection will stay strong even if much time has passed. A great example is one of our new favorite groups Working Memory. The