Wabi Sabi puts the groove down with ‘The Love Insane LP’

Wabi Sabi

The jam band genre is one I’m familiar with the least. However, as an avid concert goer. I have seen a lot of jam bands perform. Performing live is a jam band’s natural habitat. How they play off of each other’s energy on stage is electric. Atlanta native’s Wabi Sabi knows this all too well. They’ve been together since 1999. Forget being a band, Wabi Sabi is more of an orchestra. Over the years the band’s number of members has fluctuated. I’m not sure how many members play on their new LP, The Love Insane but Wabi Sabi comes correct.

Every album has gears. Slow, mid, high. This is the first time I’ve encountered those three gears out of the gate. “The Truth” is a ballad. Warm piano notes and synth swells stir a pensive drink. We get walloped with more emotions as the full bands might come’s aboard.  Upping the stakes and stealing the show is the lead guitar. We get a “one foot on the floor monitor” guitar solo that would make Slash proud. Sprinkled horns and tasteful synth parts add depth to an already beautiful picture. 

Next at bat is “Im Am Ok”. A dirty slap bass groove moves the floor. The funk is infectious, the guitar line the exclamation point. Walking into the chorus feels like we walked into a cathedral. Horns rain down like golden drapes at the Vatican. Serenity fills our senses, affirmed as he sings “I Am Ok”. Wabi Sabi’s songwriting is top notch.

‘Manifest’ some Joy with Wabi Sabi

The gloves come off with “Manifest”. A raw 70’s vibe takes over. Fuzzed bass notes and punchy horn lines land with a championship boxer’s precision. Adding fuel to the fire are the futuristic synth sounds. How about that rhythm guitar? Oh my god, it’s the cherry on top. There’s no question about it. This track is a banger. Well done gentlemen. 

Wabi Sabi has a lot of wrinkles to their sound. Calling them a jam band is not accurate. They are a groove machine. Playing together as long as they have is a factor. How they mesh different sounds through a funk filter, their brilliance. Their new LP covers a range of styles, stamped with the band’s signature. I would love to see them live. I want to witness firsthand that horn section in action. The Love Insane LP is a great example of what happens when everyone knows their assignment. Magnificence ensues. 

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