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The Broken Creels ask us if ‘Friend or Foe’ on their debut single

The Broken Creels are a must-hear band made up of Colin Clyne (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Tom Ward (guitar/keys), Lee Heinemann (bass), and Daz Alexander (drums). Each member provides their specific talents and experience from other projects, including The Dawntreaders, Eskimo Blonde, Parker and The Carrons, and others from solo ventures. Together, they describe themselves as

War Panties bask in a “Loving Sunshine Dream”

When I think of a “party band” two bands immediately come to mind. ZZ Top and Chromeo. I always thought Chromeo and ZZ Top sharing a bill would be the ultimate event. Does Coachella take suggestions… asking for a friend? I bring this up because Louisville Kentucky natives War Panties tap into this raucous party vibe.