‘California Bound’ by Mark Adams Band Radiates California sunshine.

Growing up in Monterey California was special for me. Driving to Southern California, stopping at our favorite places along the way was always fun. Time permitting of course. When I learned Mark Adams laid roots in Paso Robles after coming up from L.A… The memories poured back. Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo have a laid-back vibe. That vibe can be felt in Mark’s music. His new album California Bound captures the essence of relaxing in the sunny Southern California sun.

Such is the case with the lead in single ‘She Was Crying’. The lyrics are anything but happy yet a toe tapping bounce exists. I think Mark had little schadenfreude when penning these lyrics. There are many great sounds on the track. The vintage organ in the chorus is the special ingredient. Those warm organ notes act like a fluffy goose down duvet for the vocals to lay over. Excellent.

Riding a different kind of wave is ‘December Blue’. Images of a waterfront at sundown with longboards resting on the sand come to mind. This single is a great wind down song. The drummer steals the show. His hi-hat work carries the load like the anti-roll back click clack when a roller coaster climbs. A softness to his cymbals washes over like a Lake Tahoe seiche. ‘December Blue’ is a beautifully textured song. Mark does the right thing and lets the music carry the load.

California Bound follows a theme which it doesn’t stray far from. There’s a blues, folk, Americana shuffle running throughout the album. Very reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville but with more depth and a wider lense. Writing music when one is coming is different to when one is established. I believe Mark understands that. He plays from the heart and to his crowd. Having fun and reaping the rewards of his labor. Another Southern California drive might be in order. We’ll have to stop in Paso Robles and pay Mr. Adams a visit.

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