Anthology LP by Joe Boris is rock N roll played the right way

Putting out a double LP in today’s short attention span world is a bold move. Joe Boris is a bold man. Since the early 90’s Joe has been performing on stages alongside some of rock n roll’s best. What his eyes have seen over the years could certainly make a great movie. Sorry folks, there’s no movie. We are treated to a double LP and a glimpse into the life of Joe Boris. Running 30 songs deep, Anthology delivers a well-balanced experience. 

Out of the gate, Joe comes rocking! The first three singles set the pace and the momentum carries throughout. Shifting gears with ‘Oklahoma’ they slow it down a touch. Piano keys play with a Brown’s Hole 1822 saloon vibe. Guns smoke, death, whiskey and heartbreak fills our glass. Pull up a chair.

There are two songs that absolutely shred, ‘Time On The Run’ and Copperhead Well’. Borrowing a little from 80’s hard rock is ‘Time On The Run’. A bit of Rush and dare I say Motley Crew poke through. Power and technique dominate this track. ‘Copperhead Well’ is blues driven reminiscent of vintage Stevie Ray Vaughn. 

Anthology delivers a versatile experience. There are four gears for listeners to shift through. The slower songs have ballad tendencies, ‘Move On’ in particular. Rich guitar chords grab our attention, and the lyrics keep us put. This could be the soundtrack to The Wonder Years. Pensive and personal, a track that reaches our soul.

Song placement on an album is so important. You have to think like a DJ who’s trying to keep the dancefloor packed. I’m not sure if Joe Boris has DJ’d a day in his life but the album connects. Further cementing that connection is the raw energy and emotional moments. Anyone who’s ever won big or lost it all should tune it. 

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