Screaming Eagles hits us with some ‘High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll’

Screaming Eagles

Listen up! Screaming Eagles are BACK! Like many others, their momentum slowed down during the pandemic. Before that, they burst onto the scene with their debut album, From The Flames. It’s a collection of songs that growl and roar like a rock ‘n’ roll beast. Letting tracks such as “All The Way” and “Vampire” showcase their relentless energy and a little bit of swagger. Gaining praise for their music and live performances, they followed up with the album Stand Up and Be Counted. It was an offering which showed off a different side of their music, as “Bow Down to the Blues” highlighted. It had more depth and some bluesier elements, showing that this band had much more to offer. As a bonus, they released Live at Bonfest to let everyone know how good they sound when performing live. 

Then the pandemic hit, and their plans for their third studio album had to change. But Chris Fry (vocals), Adrian McAleenan (guitar), Ryan Lilly (bass), and Kyle Cruikshank (drums) did not see this as a negative. After their time apart, they say they “felt refreshed and reinvigorated, there were some ideas for new songs, and we had the hunger for making another record together again”. They began recording their new music with renowned producer Guillermo ‘Will’ Maya. Ryan Lilly says, “The excitement of how we could bring our new collection of ideas in its genesis to seeing how it transforms into a great rock n’ roll record with Will at the helm. We bunkered down every day for two weeks, had fun with a bunch of guitars, amps and sounds and watched it all come together”. The result is their newly released album, High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll

Screaming Eagles know their sound, as reflected in their new album. With no frills or tricks, High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll is what it offers. They have learned a few new things while touring and supporting the likes of Buckcherry and Slash ft Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators. It has helped to fine-tune what was already an impressive sound. It’s big, loud and has good time written all over it. Let’s shine a spotlight on three songs that showcase the quality of their music and why this release is essential listening. 

It’s easy to see why Screaming Eagles chose “Thunder And Lightning” as the first single and opening number. It’s pure anthemic rock that will have any venue jumpin’. As soon as you press play, those thunderous drums, infectious bassline, and killer guitar kick down the door to hail their arrival. Then Fry comes in to join the party with the opening lines, “You wanna piece of me do ya? / You wanna bring me down / You wanna make me bleed or maybe break my bones but it ain’t gonna be tonight”. It’s a song about the energy this band projects, both musically and vocally. It gets under your skin and makes you want to move. You can hear the guys are having a good time. When the chorus arrives, it feels rude not to sing along to “Thunder and Lightning, Thunder and lightning, we gonna show you tonight”.

Screaming Eagles say, “Put your faith in me my friend / I’m gonna make us great again / Put your faith in me and I’ll / I’ll give you everything you wanted and more”. Pretty much sums up why you need to hear their new album ‘High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll’

The title track, “High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll”, offers a slightly different mood with its bluesy undertone. It also lowers the tempo, but not too much. It’s a switch that lets the listener appreciate the lyrical side of Screaming Eagles. Its blues rock groove sets the scene for Fry to share his tale. It’s all about what good rock n roll can do to you. A feeling summarised in the opening verse, “Well the devils been talking / Gossip spreading cross the garden / There’s a feeling something’s startin’ / Called high class rock ‘n’ roll”. Again, its anthemic feel helps enforce the compulsion to sing along to “Cuz it’s High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll”. 

It is safe to say High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll is an all-killer, no-filler album. Choosing a favourite is a challenge, but one that continues to stand out with each playthrough is “Burn It Down”. It is partially thanks to Cruikshank’s and McAleenan’s talents. Fry kicks things off by screaming, “One, two, three, four”, before the guitars join the fun. When the thunderous drums come into play, it subtly grabs your attention. As the song progresses, it offers more great anthemic rock and lines that should be the sales pitch for the album, “Put your faith in me my friend / I’m gonna make us great again / Put your faith in me and I’ll / I’ll give you everything you wanted and more”. 

But the real magic is the breakdown, where the music steals the spotlight. McAleenan’s guitar sings in its own way, and it’s so good. It is a solo that will no doubt sound epic live. As for Cruikshank, his drum again possesses the listener to make them move. Soon, Fry comes in to repeat the lines, “gonna burn it down, burn it down tonight / gonna burn it down, burn it to the ground”. It helps to close out the track that leaves you wanting more. 

People who say rock is dead have not heard bands like Screaming Eagles. These guys live, breathe and bleed rock. You hear this throughout this album and all those they created before it. High Class Rock ‘N’ Roll has swagger and a rebellious attitude but guarantees a good time for your ears. It may have been a long time in the making, but the wait was worth it. So, press play and enjoy some high class rock ‘n’ roll!

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