Water Street is More than ‘All We Tried To Be’

Water Street

Any band that wants to continue creating music as a career must be willing to evolve. Just as music tastes change, bands must grow and find what works best. Not only for themselves but for their growing fanbase. Our recent discovery Water Street has been around for a while but seems to have found their stride with new EP All We Tried To Be.

Originally formed in the early 2010s, the North New Jersey based band has been open enough to spend time developing an Americana/Rock fusion sound that is fresh and unique. Started up by frontman and guitarist Dave Paulson, the pursuit of his dream never wavered. Finding drummer Connor Konecsik solidified this passion. Having a partner with this same desire has kept Water Street moving forward for over a decade now. 

Now Water Street is ready to take their sound to all new levels. To fill out the sound some new musicians were added. Julia Aiello on vocals, bassist Brendon Gardner, electric guitarist Ed Woodcock and pianist/keyboardist Alex Kerssen complete the new lineup. A brighter, more pop-rock focused sound has emerged and caught the attention of a growing fanbase.

To introduce this fresh take Water Street dropped the 5-track EP All We Tried To Be of hand selected songs. Opening up with “Alexandra” we immediately feel the energy. A steady pulsating beat gets the heart pumping as the soulful vocals share imagery of a romance that we can all relate to. Some sweet guitar fills punctuate the track.

Hear the new Water Street here:

The growth of the band can be seen and heard on “People” with its experienced songwriting style. This is not a band of kids just trying to get attention anymore. Water Street pours out emotion and welcomes listeners to come along for the ride. On “Summer Rose” the tone leans towards a ballad feel showing some true depth. The track may be about Dave’s dog but the emotion is as real as any love story. 

Water Street shows they still have their young edge with “Collateral.” Plucked americana guitar strings soon evolve into in your face vocals and powerful guitar and bass play. Fun and energetic with a smirk the whole time. The EP closes with more energy on “Be All There.” The bass line jumps out here to push the track forward full of punch. Power-pop songwriting at its highest. Live for today and be the best you can be.

Keep up with more evolution  from Water Street on their WEBSITE.

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