Pios Phantom Brings Positivity to The World In Music

Pios Phantom

Most of us reading the pages of Indie Band Guru are aware of the power of music. It can mean many things to many people. Those of us that accept this have watched our hearts and souls grow as we absorb music with a positive light. Our recent discovery Pios Phantom has made it his mission to bring people together through music. As we dive through his songs it looks like he is doing just that.

Although born in Germany, the lyricist and songwriter has traveled the world meeting many kindred spirits. They have created inspiration and also collaborated on much of the music that Pios Phantom has released. His songs begin in the vintage pop, rock, and soul genres but there are no barriers to where the artist can go with his sound.

In addition, Pios Phantom is a yoga master, a modern day philosopher, a pilgrim, and a musical searcher. He has spent years honing his musical craft and blending it with the other areas of life that are important to him. Recently he has been experimenting with innovative electronic sounds and modern recording techniques to bring more music to the world.

Hear ‘I Need You’ by Pios Phantom here:

A recent standout track is “I Need You” released on Valentine’s Day this year. There is a punk rock ethos to the sound of the track. There is a love conveyed in the lyrics that bleeds of positivity. Guitars weave throughout the song creating an innovative sonic backdrop. 

On “The Day Before May,” Pios Phantom teamed up with Pink Man Shout for a real party track. The poppy beat is sure to put a smile on any listener’s face. An electronic sound palette allows the energy to flow as the lyrics push the song forward.

Love and peace are ever-present in the Pios Phantom sound. He is achieving his mission of inspiring and uplifting his growing fanbase. You can keep up with him on your favorite platform and learn more HERE.

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