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Early Grey is ‘Bound For Glory’

Hard rock may have lost its presence in the mainstream in America over the last few years but the scene in Europe is alive and well. The fans are rabidly supporting their favorite real rock stars. Our recent discovery of Early Grey from Moscow, Russia is a prime example of this power still reigning. The

Doll Skin Releases Killer New Album of Empowerment

You’re early twenties is a time for discovery and reinvention. It’s a time to experiment with identity and find your voice as an individual along the way. Embracing this period of transformation, alternative hard rock band Doll Skin is using their emerging voice to speak out for those who have not yet found their own

Holy Beach ‘All That Matters Is This Matter’

Metal fans, rejoice. Hard rock devotees will enjoy the new record by Holy Beach, All That Matters Is This Matter as well, but there’s little question in my mind after a few listens to this release that Holy Beach are a dyed in the wool metal act. Songwriter and vocalist John Lally proves capable of transitioning from