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Jaded Truth

Hopefully we all put our true feelings into our music. Putting it all out there can be scary sometimes but with that comes great power…. and music. Our new friends from Jaded Truth put their all into every piece of music they create, and it is obvious.

We caught up with the heavy alt-rockers to get a  little deeper. Enjoy the interview below:

First off, how did the name Jaded Truth come about?

The name Jaded Truth pretty much sums up the outlook of the band. Nihilistic, Apathetic. We aren’t totally nihilist, but the world can be harsh, cold & brutal and you’re gonna get screwed over no matter what you do.

After so many years of previous bands breaking up and going nowhere we all became “Jaded” with the idea… so that also contributed to the name. I think it has a different meaning to each member 

How would you describe your music without any of the boring generic genre descriptions?

Our music is heavy, it can be slow & brooding at times and sometimes it’s upbeat and energetic. Sometimes it’s weird & quirky. 

We listen to so many different types of music, it all comes together in a melting pot of ideas

Which bands have had the greatest influence on you?

The Seattle bands of the 90’s like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains are definitely our biggest influences. We all grew up loving those bands. 

We’re big fans of metal so there’s bands like black sabbath, Metallica, Pantera. Also huge punk fans, so sex pistols, misfits, descendents

What is your songwriting process? How does a song come together for Jaded Truth?

We pretty much developed the songs through jams. We’ll just start playing together and make up stuff off the top of our heads.

Usually after we’ve been playing for a while the music takes on a life of its own. It’s almost like you get into a hypnotic state and you start playing things you wouldn’t normally play. It is strange sometimes, ideas can just flow through you. The lights start flickering, it’s almost like a paranormal experience at times. Like you’re being possessed and playing someone else’s music

The lyrics usually come later,.sometimes they are written on the spot as well

Lead single ‘A City Drowned’ by Jaded Truth

Tell us about your latest album Take A Seat

The album is called Take A Seat. It’s pretty much about the current state of the world. With the pandemic, social/political unrest, it almost feels like society is collapsing around us. It feels like humanity is in decay and we’re heading for an apocalypse. We are inviting our fans to take a seat and enjoy the ride!The first single is “A City Drowned”. it has a lot of those themes of decay and apocalypse, the lyrics were very inspired by Lovecraft

We shot the video in an old abandoned radar station so it defiantly emphasized some of the ideas in the song

What do you hope that the listener takes away from your music?

We hope that people will hear elements of the bands we mentioned previously. We wear our influences on our sleeves at times. 

One of the biggest compliments we’ve got is fans saying our music really give the genuine feeling of bands from the 90’s

Partially with this album, we hope people take away that they aren’t alone in their struggles. It can seem really negative and bleak but it’s meant to be positive. Don’t give up hope, we’re all in this together 

Share some advice for other hard-working bands striving for success in the new music industry?

Just keep playing, keep practicing. Never give up no matter what obstacles get in your way. Surround yourself with positive people who uplift you and support you. Get involved with your local scene, venues, fellow musicians. Support each other!  Don’t look at it as a competition or popularity contest. 

What does the future hold for Jaded Truth?

We are excited for fans to hear Take A Seat. This is our third album and we think it’s our strongest one yet. We are looking forward to playing more shows and taking our music to the masses. We would love to tour in the future but being in an isolated part of Canada (Newfoundland) we don’t get a lot of opportunities to play outside the province. Hopefully in the future we will be touring but for now if you’re in the St. John’s area come catch one of our gigs. Cheers!

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