Radio Drive Is “One Breath Away”

The alternative pop rock band Radio Drive is a hidden gem from Minnesota. Kevin Gullickson is the one behind Radio Drive and his music has earned spots on the charts in multiple countries and well as being heard on tv shows on various channels. They have a sound that earns them a place among the indie scene of today while still retaining the soul of alternative rock in their music.

Listen To Radio Drive’s One Breath Away

Kicking off this EP, “I Believe I Believe” has a lot to offer while revolving around a hook. Clean vocals and a catchy melody give this song pop appeal. Gullickson’s performance gives a lot of sentimentality on this track. At its core “I Believe I Believe” is a simple rock song but an arrangement of layered instrumentals of piano and strings add a lot of depth.

Following up is the track “Moment by Moment,” a gentle ballad that continues forward at a steady pace. There is a wistful tone as they describe the passage of time. A lot of energy and feeling is conveyed into the second half of the song where a bridge picks up the pace.

“Be Yourself Tonight” starts off with a gentle piano before kicking off with percussion and a cool guitar riff. Gullickson brings in some serious falsetto on this track. Flashy guitars dance around, everything comes together to be playfully over the top.

Finishing up this EP is “Don’t You Know,” a dramatic exit for this project. The strings and electric guitar build up tension as Gullickson declares his lyrics. This is an adamant and unafraid performance, while still having a flow that dances around the track effortlessly.

Radio Drive are making a name for themselves in the alternative pop-rock scene. Their new EP One Breath Away is great to start out with to get introduced to their sound. If you like One Breath Away keep up with Radio Drive to see what they are doing in the future.

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