Black Note Graffiti Has Come to Take Over Your ‘Knights’

‘Knights’ is the latest release from Black Note Graffiti, and it is a breath of fresh air during the lock-down. For any listener with an affinity for metal, rock, and the alternative sound, this tune is a perfect find.

The combination of genres is seamless and immaculate. With the high-energy of rock, the strength of metal, and the captivating melody of alternative pop, ‘Knights’ is a tune to be reckoned with.

One of Black Note Graffiti’s strongest assets is its passionate vocals, perfect for a song of this kind. This sort of musical spirit is a rare find. ‘Knights’ also maintains the ideal level of intensity. The track is never overwhelming, yet the energy does not slip.

Black Note Graffiti has mastered its own entirely unique variation of metal. Traditional metalheads and alternative fans alike will find the beat of this song infectious. Reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s early discography, ‘Knights’ can be listened to over and over again.

The raw power of Black Note Graffiti is fully on-show here, they pull no punches. The band is able to flawlessly capture the pure fire of rock and display it in ‘Knights.’

It has been nearly impossible to cope with the quarantine without an outlet. Black Note Graffiti is one band creating those outlets. If the listener is seeking out a new track to head-bang to in the car and release some of that COVID-19 tension, look no further.

Indeed, it is also vital to support the artists working to keep us entertained while the majority of our lives are spent bored indoors. When the virus does eventually pass, we will look back on songs such as this one as the kind of art that kept us sane.

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