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Hybrid Blues

Some of the best music is a mixture of different styles. If at first the genres do not seem to mesh, you are on to something. Creating fresh, original sounding music will always garner attention. Recent startup Hybrid Blues pulls from many genres for their hybrid sound.

We caught up with the band to get a deeper look into how it all comes together. Enjoy the interview:

First off, tell us about the decision to go with Hybrid Blues as your band name?

Like naming a child we felt it was important to find an Original Name and most importantly something that sum’s up to our Original Music. Being the Mixed Soup of Genres it is, the word “Hybrid” came to mind, and with the songs loosely based around the Original Source of Modern Music itself “The Blues”, “Hybrid Blues” was born.

How would you describe your sound?

We’ve all been individually inspired by many different artists/bands/song writers obviously inspired by our different interests in music and honestly just go with the direction/subject matter when creating new songs. So as corny as it may sound, we like to call our sound simply “Hybrid”

Which artists have had the biggest influence on the band?

From our singer/song writers Roy’s point of view Paul Rodgers/FREE/Bad Company and Mr.Freddie King

After a long career in the UK for Roy Hudson, what prompted starting up Hybrid Blues in New Zealand?

Simply felt I still had more to offer song writing wise to my Home Country Aotearoa (New Zealand) and hopefully others throughout the world that is able to take something positive from HB’s songs as we have taken from other Artists/Bands/Songwriters have done for us in the past and still today.

How does the music come together for the band? What is your songwriting process?

A lot is inspired by other friends’ people I’ve met throughout life. Topics inspired by heroic tales of Strength/Love/Bravery throughout domestic violence, (Control, Pushing my Patience)  and even wrote a song called “Burn in Hell” about Pedophile Priests for UK Metal Band KORU. Being brought up Roman Catholic now more Spiritual, the thought of such acts from the Church Leaders was to me, besides Murder, the Ultimate act of mistrust from those Sworn to the Good of God. And other songs just a bit of fun, tongue and cheek and childhood fantasy (Little Boat, 27 Reasons) Song process usually starts with the rumbling tyres of a golf fairway ride-on mower/tractor.

We hear a self-titled debut is coming out today, Sept 13, on SGNB Records. What can you tell us about the album?

I think if you were to ask any band to assess their own music, probably mission impossible, but totally humbled by recent reviews, and yeah, sometimes taking note and going….”Oh yeah, I can hear that now too!” but with people returning with different favourites, we can definitely say “Something for Everyone”

How about the latest single/music video for “Ain’t Got Time?

Just a quick quirky demonstration just how confusing the English Language can be be to others learning, and proof there’s many more other alternates. Kinda lot of honesty in the matter between, personal work, band promo, personal life, relationships, band stuff…..yeah I guess the song and video is a true reflection on life at the moment.

What does the future look like for Hybrid Blues?

More experimenting with different sounds/world music/genres and experimental Brass/Horn Section for next album and tour 2021. Ultimate goal, C19 Restrictions/Conditiions permitting Rock/Blues/Jazz Festivals 2021/22 Aotearoa (New Zealand) Australia, USA and where ever people would like to hear our music/songs Live with HB Love.

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