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At its core, ‘Better Now’ is a song about rebirth. However, let’s pretend that rebirth is an easy process. From the powerhouse that is N2BLU, the song stands somewhere between pop and alternative sounds.

It has a strong beat and melody. This is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head and live there for days, and you’ll be glad. One of the best things about N2BLU is how incredibly personal their music is. Neither member holds anything back in their songs, and this continues on ‘Better Now.’

N2BLU Has Another New Song!

This song is about personal growth within relationships and the sometimes painful reality that entails. There is a duality to ‘Better Now.’ On the one hand, it is about the unhealthy relationships we find one’s self in when we lack self-love. It is difficult to admit that the love that we search for can be toxic.

Yet, “Better Now’ addresses this struggle in a poignant and affecting way. N2BLU is about learning to accept this. The second meaning lies in the sometimes painful process of self-improvement. This is what makes this song so special.

It is true that this is a deeply personal song for N2BLU and tells the story of the singer’s individual relationship. However, the story is something nearly everyone can relate to.

An extremely common trend in modern alternative pop is the over-romanticizing of relationships and romantic love. With an over-saturation of this theme, it is so refreshing to find a song like ‘Better Now,’ which discusses toxic relationships as well as encouraging self-love.

The old cliche about our inability to find healthy love without any healthy love for ourselves is more than just a cliche. N2BLU’s ‘Better Now’ proves this, and they do it in a fresh and lovely way. Alternative pop is one of those genres that gives ample opportunities for stunning lyrics. ‘Better Now’ is one of the best examples of this.

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