Golden Dimes Let Us Inside ‘JJ’s House’

Golden Dimes

Musicians all share a certain specific DNA. It lives and breathes inside of us throughout our lives, even when the main focus can not be on creating our own music. But musical fate has a way of connecting just the right people to eventually get that music out of us. A perfect example of this is the musical collaboration that has come to be known as Golden Dimes.

The New Jersey based 5-piece is made up of Avi Dimes – drums/vocals, KS Dimes – guitar/vocals, Sonny Dimes – keyboards/vocals, Van Dimes – guitar, and Jo Dimes – bass guitar. A group of suburban dads, all lifetime musicians, brought together through a mutual love of great food, drink, tasteless jokes, and positive vibes. Together as Golden Dimes, they produce a classic contemporary sound that brings back a taste of dad/yacht rock but with a modern edge. They are able to see the world for what it is and offer messages of unity, self-awareness, and responsibility.

Back in April, Golden Dimes released their EP JJ’s House that has been picking up some steam in these uncertain times. The 7 track record was recorded at Restoration Sound in Brooklyn NY. The album opens with the pre-released single “Light As Love”. It is an easy-going tune that pops with a positive energy that is enhanced by the vocal harmonies and a peppy vibe that welcomes listeners in gently. “Running Reckless” is just as gentle with a smooth and airy tone that provokes images of warm summer breezes blowing over you in a lounge chair.

Golden Dimes lead single ‘Light As Love’

There seems to be more of a country influence on “I’m Sold” with its mellow twanged guitar and organ sounds. Golden Dimes mix in some harmonica to complete the soundscape. I expected “Pickup Truck” to continue this style but the speed and pep of this one gets the blood moving a little faster. Keyboardist Sonny Dimes is a big part of adding that here.

The energy stays high for the closer “Life Happens”. Heads will bop and toes will tap along here. The classic sound is something that every listener can appreciate as the full band comes together to highlight their skills. Sounds come from everywhere to mesh into a perfect piece of happy go lucky sound.

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