PREMIERE: Dive In With Lyra Star’s ‘Under The Water’

If ‘Under the Water’ had to be described with a single word, it would be ‘magical.’ As a fan of Lyra Star’s for some time, she is truly at her most transcendent in this new video. This music video for ‘Under the Water’ is fully stunning, and Lyra Star matches.

This song really captures the magic of the mermaids that so many of us grew up obsessing over. One of the most disappointing things about growing up is feeling like magic is sucked out of our world. Lyra Star is one of those artists who has a natural ethereal quality to her and is able to create that magic that we miss. Indeed, I myself am slowly becoming convinced that she is a mythical being in her own right.

Her new music video also contains a truly stunning contortionist. She dances with all the grace of a mermaid swimming through the ocean. This video is the most lovely accompaniment to ‘Under the Water.’ This song is all about magic. This magic especially comes from the divine feminine. As a young woman myself, when I find a piece of art that showcases women as beautiful with a celestial presence, I get excited.

The video for ‘Under the Water’ also showcases how Lyra Star’s voice is very nearly like a benevolent siren herself. It is angelic and mystical and almost puts the listener into a kind of trance. I found myself replaying the video many times over and never becoming bored. Whether watching the hypnotic performance of Star, or the balletic movements of the dancer or simply letting the transcendent music wash over you, there is nothing disappointing about this music video.

Lyra Star cannot be defined by any one style, she is fully her own style and artist. Indeed, her music video showcases that. If you hunger for the fantasy and magic of mermaids, the music video for ‘Under the Water’ is perfect.

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