Johnny Moezzi Takes Us For A Ride On His ‘Justice Wheels’

Johnny Moezzi


LA based singer-songwriter Johnny Moezzi releases a new video for his song “Justice Wheels” and pays homage to Harvey Sid Fisher’s Astrology Songs. Along with Moezzi the video features John “JT” Thomas, keyboardist for Bruce Hornsby, Tracy Chapman, Sparks, Captain Beefheart, and World of Dance star Madison Olandt.

Moezzi shares, “The original idea was to knock off the classic Harvey Sid Fischer “Scorpio” astrology songs video. But because my best friend happens to be John “JT” Thomas and is up for anything…we had to put him in there dressed up as Ron Mael from Sparks. The dancer in the video is acclaimed choreographer/dancer Madison Olandt”.

See the music video here:

“Justice Wheels” is slightly psychedelic, funky, and filled with groove, the song comes from Moezzi’s recently released LP Funky Papa. “Funky Papu is a brilliant exploration of alternative soul and modern pop, with Johnny delivering seven original songs filled with melodic choruses, musical builds, and heartfelt lyrics” –Broken 8 Records. 

When asked about the song Moezzi explains, “Justice Wheels is a social commentary in the vein of early Dylan with a freak-funk-casio backdrop. The verses are samples of the various versions of the dysfunction of modern life, with choruses of solution”.

Moezzi delivers bright synth, alternative, soul, and pop sounds on the seven-song set. “And that is what makes Funky Papu such a joyous experience; it ticks all of the boxes that make pop music so great; it is infectious and accessible, energetic and often euphoric, but it also doesn’t limit itself only to pop realms

— Dancing About Architecture.

Hear the full Funky Papu album by Johnny Moezzi here:

“The 7-song EP showcases Moezzi’s versatility as an artist and ability to seamlessly blend different genres. The EP takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions and sounds, with upbeat and catchy vibes to soulful tunes,” – Folk N Rock. Born in Tehran, Iran to a Persian Father and an Italian Mother his family fled when Moezzi was four years old. His lifelong love affair with music was sparked by sneaking into a BB King performance as a kid. The now Los Angeles based artist continues to be inspired by a diverse mix of musical cultures and styles. 

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