Sam Scherdel brings the feel-good factor with ‘Balloon’

Sam Scherdel

Last year saw the welcomed return of Sam Scherdel. Over the twelve months, he released the outstanding singles “Early Morning Rain”, “The Answer”, and “Brave Mistake”. Each one showcases his captivating vocals with an alt-rock soundtrack. However, the track “Don’t Really Like You” stood out the most. Its infectious pop-rock soft felt familiar but new with its stunning sound. All these featured what is shaping up to be a winning partnership with Aidan Thompson (Steelworks Studios/Alvarez Kings). It also saw him put together a full band and hit the road. He has performed at many shows, including festival spots sharing bills with Anne Marie, Stereophonics and Jake Bugg. 

As for 2023, he has no plans to slow down. He has released the live version of “Boy Who Fell to Earth”. It showcases the softer side of his music with delicate vocals and a piano-driven soundtrack. Now he has something new for us, with his single “Balloon”. A song Scherdel describes as “a truly haunting understory lyrically, sung to a countering seismic uplifting Born to Run-esque backdrop”. 

While listening to the opening thirty seconds of “Balloon” is clear to hear that this offers something different compared to his previous releases. Its energetic anthemic vibe instantly grabs your attention. It is clear to hear as he shares the opening verse, “You burnt our ties ex-lovers lie / In wait, no peaceful lullaby’s can save me / From me / My heads in two purple balloon / That floats and fly’s with the Grace that I just crave / No I can’t float”. 

When you feel that upbeat groove on ‘Balloon’, it’s hard not to sing along with Sam Scherdel

Following on comes the first infectious moment. Scherdel then repeats the lines, “I can’t float away”, followed by “1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4”. They may be simple lyrics, but their feel-good factor compels you to sing along. The accompanying soundtrack is equally as catchy, especially with the toe-tapping groove they create. Its mood is even more addictive after the four count. The various layers of instruments come together to create something that feels fun. 

Following on, Scherdel lets his lyrics flow fast. He shares a lot in a short space of time. But, he uses this to paint a moment with his words. It showcases his songwriting talents perfectly. Then it’s back to the anthemic mood with the repeated lines, “Let me float away”. Before the song prepares to close out, he delivers, “We float we fly we hate we die / You burnt our ties, you justify / I hope I live for my next wife / But as I float I can’t look past” with a firey emotion. 

As the finale approaches, he makes you sing along (yet again), this time with the lines “Your big brown eyes”. As he does, the soundtrack is again impactful. Helping to ensure this is a song not easily forgotten. It is yet another impressive track by Scherdel. 

With “Balloon” released, he has plans for more singles to follow. There are rumours of a possible album on the horizon too. From the songs he has shown so far, it will be worth our listening time. As for live shows, he has already sold out many of them with more planned. These include many festival dates to keep him busy over the summer. It’s a new and exciting chapter for Sam Scherdel and his music.

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