David Singley Releases ‘The Singles EP’

The Singles EP is a curated selection of great tracks from David Singley. Each of these songs are representative of the sound Singley has refined with years of experience. Holding degrees in music from Berklee College of Music and Indiana University and touring with many great acts, he has earned a reputation for excellence at his craft.

The EP’s first song, Change Gonna Come, lands light as a feather with a soft and ethereal sound. With simple but lush instrumentation, every element lends itself to creating waves of emotion that wash over the listener.

The EP continues on into “Can’t Find My Way Back,” a fun country influenced jaunt. The instrumentation twangs and jangles through the track. Singley paints a picture with his lyrics, having no trouble fitting his down to earth personality into a track like this.

The third song “Love Will Take Its Time,” slows down the pace for a peaceful and relaxing serenade. Building up to a duet featuring Mary Jane Alm, this song features some great back and forth between the two. The instrumental is hypnotic, the rhythm has an entrancing allure.

The final track on The Singles EP is “Go Back Home,” a powerful ballad. This song introduces itself with tasteful piano alongside Singley’s vocals. The chorus comes around with gospel-like grandeur, ethereal vocal harmonies layer with the organ to make this track ascend.

The Singles EP is a great sampling of David Singley’s impressive work. This EP showcases how dynamic and talented he is with excellence in a variety of different sounds and styles. Check out The Singles EP and keep up with David Singley to see what he has in store for the future.

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