David Singley Says “Change Gonna Come”

The Minneapolis songwriter David Singley has been building a repertoire that spans jazz, country, and rock. Also a great guitarist with schooling from Berklee, He has shared the stage with many famous jazz artists and collaborated across the world. The master is making his mark on music with his newest song “Change Gonna Come.”

“Change Gonna Come” is the newest song from David Singley, a feel-good track that is meant to bring people together. His experience with different genres, different people, and places all inform his songwriting and add to the positive, community-oriented music. At the same time, Singley avoids being pretentious with lyrics that are relatable and down to earth.

A light airy sound carries us through the clouds with his pleasant plucking of the guitar strings. Every element blends together Singley’s signature style on the canvas of this song. Soft percussion sets a steady rhythm that drives the song forward. During the chorus an ethereal choir adds vocal harmonies that add to the light and airy feel of the song.

Singley excels at creating a vibe in his music, everything serves the emotion. The feeling changes in waves with the tide of the song. “Change Gonna Come” is an apt name as the song ebbs and flows between verse and chorus.

If you enjoyed David Singley’s new track “Change Gonna Come” check out some of his previous work such as his previous album The Long, Slow Fuse of Night. Follow the artist to see what they are up to in the future.

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