TheBabyDon Drops New Single “Mood”

Good rap starts with a solid hook, whether it be large and in charge or something more on the clandestine side of the spectrum, and it’s obvious that TheBabyDon knew this when she was sitting down to pen her new single and music video “Mood” not too long ago. Released this summer to a warm critical reception from her peers and the underground establishment alike, “Mood” transports us into TheBabyDon’s melodic realm of hip-hop indulgence, bringing to mind alternative rap icons without pillaging their modus operandi entirely. This has the feel of a late summer smash, and to me, it’s a very high bar for this player to surpass.

I’ve been listening to a lot of trap music with a synthetic flow lately, and so when I come across a song like “Mood” where the vocal is more or less organic – much like the lyricism it’s being charged with conveying to the audience – it’s really noticeable, to say the least. There’s no friction between TheBabyDon and the bassline; it’s all smooth sailing from the time she gets into this groove forward, and I get the idea that she would do just as well in a freestyle as she does in this more rehearsed performance.

This beat is admittedly a little bruising, but if there’s a rapper who can handle the pressure in this mix, it’s the one who is responsible for composing it in the first place. From what I’m able to tell about her skillset in this single, TheBabyDon gets a lot more of a fire started when she’s got additional tension to work with, and this is just the kind of arrangement to foster that kind of a track. It’s not the plain Jane sound her capricious rivals go for, and in my book, this is definitely a good thing.

I would be outright lying if I said that TheBabyDon was ready for the big leagues in the current artistic state she’s in, but if you think this is going to be the last we hear from her, I think you’re in for quite the surprise yourself. “Mood” isn’t a single that sounds like it’s coming from a one-off sensation, but instead a dam-breaking element that could change the narrative for this artist and her audience a lot quicker than anyone would be able to gauge just from watching the music video for this song. TheBabyDon is coming for the spotlight, and that’s very clear in “Mood.”

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