LUI has reached his ‘Graduation’


Some of the most amazing artists and athletes have come from the harshest upbringings. These early struggles can provide a true purpose and motivation that is hard to deny. Our recent discovery LUI is a prime example of an artist that went through hardships but will not stop until he reaches the success he yearns for. 

Originally hailing from the slums of Peru, the rising pop artist was inspired by his family to strive for goals of a better life. From his earliest memories, LUI found music to escape his current reality. This passion runs deep and gives him the inspiration to keep pushing for his musical dreams. 

After immigrating to the United States, other hardships would arise for LUI. His parents would divorce and move hundreds of miles apart. Staying in Virginia with his mother the passion for music only grew. Even while mom stressed education, she bought him his first guitar. Just after LUI graduated from high school, his mother succumbed to Cancer. He honors her memory by going to college and his newest EP Graduation: The American Dream.

The 6-track record hits on a mix of genres to grab attention in multiple ways. The opener “It’s A Mood” sets the mood right away with its peppy sounds and solid beat. LUI brings in his unique vocal style to keep it rolling forward with some emotional energy.

An interesting warping sound sits as a perfect backdrop on “Rich Made” as LUI shows off his rapping skills. Focus shifts to the lyrics that spit what is really going on inside the artist’s mind. This is an artist with drive that is now hungry for success. “Friends Into Strangers” slows it down to turn up the feels. Your mind will relax with the vibe but the words will hit deep.

A darker tone sneaks in on “This Ain’t For The Basics.” LUI explores different sub-genres of the hip hop sound to bring in his own style. This is perfect for a record that doesn’t get boring with repetitive songs as it progresses. The closer “Love Understand Inspire” shuts it down right with true emotion. An artist that lets you into his real world and his past will relate with audiences. LUI has the drive, passion and work ethic needed. He will not give up and we are looking forward to hearing more.

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