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LUI has reached his ‘Graduation’

Some of the most amazing artists and athletes have come from the harshest upbringings. These early struggles can provide a true purpose and motivation that is hard to deny. Our recent discovery LUI is a prime example of an artist that went through hardships but will not stop until he reaches the success he yearns

Shaheed and DJ Supreme Release New Music

Rocking the mic isn’t just about having some swagger – anyone can step in on the hip-hop scene and bring a lot of confidence into the arena with them, but if you want to see the kind of attention that Shaheed and DJ Supreme is bringing in right now, you’re going to need something that

“Save Me” by Stringz EMB

Just a few bars into his new single “Save Me,” Stringz EMB generates a rough cut vibe that could be the most brooding of any he’s recorded in his career thus far, but this melodic climax is hardly the only high point in this track. From beginning to end, the layers of majestic audio that