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Steph Lyon Will Always ‘Keep It Moving’

Oftentimes, being an artist requires some tough skin. Not everyone is going to like the art you create. And that is perfectly fine. Art, and especially music, is subjective. The key is to make music that you like. Do it for yourself and be consistent. You will find your tribe of fans that like what

Premiere – SnapDibz Challenges His ‘Rivals’

Music can provide power. When real feeling is put into both beats and lyrics we can take away the motivation to be better. Working with other people looking to provide power will build it exponentially. Our new friend Snap and his SnapDibz project is doing just that with new single “Rivals” which we are honored

IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Zavier

As an artist just starts out in their career there are so many pieces that must be worked on and come together. The first thing though will always be making good music. Our recent discovery, Zavier seems to have that part figured out and is now getting everything else in order. We caught up with