Toriyama Is Certainly Not ‘Ugly’


When we find something that we are talented in we must nurture that talent. Obviously we must make it enjoyable to practice our skill as well. Having a crowd of like minded people around you will always help in this pursuit. Our recent discovery Toriyama is doing just that and has a new single/video in “Ugly” to share with us.

The Oakland, California native has not been in the game for too long but his sound is maturing rapidly. Being involved with The Kurse Krew has helped this along. Delivering a smooth hip hop sound with honest and relatable lyrics is the strong point of the group and Toriyama fits in perfectly. 

Paired with his Krew mate AJGod, they produce, rap, and play instruments to fill out their unique sound. The most recent “Ugly” continues this and brings it to the forefront. The throwback beat sits nicely painting an elegant picture for Toriyama to lay down his truths. The lyrics are not afraid to be honest and say what most of us already are thinking. The slick production trick of cutting out the beat suddenly keeps the listener fully tuned in to what is happening here

On April 15th, Toriyama and Kurse Krew released a music video to go along with “Ugly.” They give us a chance to enjoy the song while getting an inside look of how the song was recorded. Watching Toriyama in the vocal booth doing what he does best is intoxicating. As we hear the flow, we can imagine ourselves there hanging with the team and being in the moment when sonic greatness came to be.

With the support of the Kurse Krew things will only get bigger….. As long as they keep Toriyama from playing video games all day, lol

Keep up with more of Toriyama and Kurse Krew HERE. Also on Twitter HERE

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