“21st Century Hobby” Is The Hottest Track Of The Summer

A New Single From Oscar Lang

Oscar Lang is the breath of fresh air we desperately need in our summer pop catalog. His latest single, “21st Century Hobby,” off of his album, Chew The Scenery, is already making waves in the indie-pop scene. Lang has caught the attention of the musical world, and rightly so. He knows what he wants to say and how to say it. 

“21st Century Hobby” is Lang’s response to our increasing dependence on technology and social media, and how it affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically. He discusses the real world-wide implications of constantly comparing oneself to others.  

This track also captures the confusion of creating connections on social media. We have a desire to bond with others. However, relationships are hollow and empty.

The Socially Relevant Track We Need

“21st Century Hobby” also examines the exhausting pressure that we are always under to follow trends and how brutally it limits personal expression. 

This track’s lyrical mastery is matched only by its sound. The soft, electro-pop quality is paired with a kind of indie rock. Lang blends a variety of sounds together into a song that becomes the ultimate ear-worm. Everything about this single is unforgettable. It’ll surely to be on your replay list in the coming days. 

Lang has already garnered a dedicated fan base, and this track shows why. Lang discusses real-world issues that others artists are unable to approach. He is relatable, likable, and he understands how music functions. 

It is difficult to find anything bad to say about Lang or his new single. Everything here works in perfect harmony, making “21st Century Hobby” one of the hottest tracks of the summer. Chew The Scenery drops on August 13th. This is one album you will not want to miss.

You can watch the video for “21st Century Hobby”


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